Sunday, January 11, 2009

A third nipple!

I am definitely past due on updates, so there will be a few long posts over the next couple days.

After we found out that Brent had cancer, we went through a few more days of testing, body scans, and consultations. On Thursday the 18th, he had a Power Port put in. The port is implanted into his chest and a catheter is feed into a major artery in the heart. The doctors do this because they don't want to constantly be poking him with needles and also because some chemo meds are so strong that if they went into a vein in his arm, it would deteriorate the vein. Feeding the meds through the artery helps dilute them before they hit the rest of the body.

This is what the power port looks like:

To access the port, they use a thick needle that is inserted into the center of the port. At the end of the needle, there are feed lines that all the chemo medicines and fluids are hooked up to.

This is basically what it looks like in the end when it is accessed.

When it's not accessed, it looks like a third nipple.


  1. This is seriously interesting, until we remember it is happening to you guys. Keep up the posts - they help us all to understand. Our love and prayers are always with you.
    Love, Sheriee and Vern

  2. You will be so happy you have the port! Did you know I am a nurse? It is always easier for the patient when they have a port for IV access and blood draws. It should help prevent you from feeling like a pin cushion and definitely safer with the chemo!