Sunday, March 15, 2009

Third Times a Charm!

Treatment #3: January 30-February 3
I LOVE Brent’s doctor!! Since round 2 was so horrible, he lowered the doses for the chemo meds. It has made a HUGE difference. We had little scare a week after his treatment when the doctor called and said he thought Brent’s counts were too low and that he might need another blood transfusion. So we headed back to the hospital to have more blood drawn to see where his counts were. Luckily, it turned out that they had gone up so we got to go home without a blood transfusion. Brent has had so much more energy; he even took me to Cheesecake Factory on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day… DELICIOUS!! Our lives felt a bit normal for a whole evening. Laura and Erik came into town for Valentine’s weekend. We love having them here and wish we could see them more. We all goofed off shooting BB guns Saturday and then had a “romantic” Valentine’s dinner at Sweet Mesquite. The week before Brent went in for his 4th treatment, he was able to go to work for a few hours each day and was doing really well.

Laura and Erik got a new puppy. His name is Hurley and he is ADORABLE! Natalie and Robby loved playing with him.


  1. glad that BOTH of you are feeling a bit better, and just a titch jealous that you got some delicious cheesecake factory cheesecake....i MUST go and get me some--and soon!
    thinking of you both all the time!

  2. Brent and Kelly...YEAH, I found YOU!! Thanks for posting on Brit's CarePage and yes, I know how hard it is to keep up with all of this:-) As soon as you post an update on Brent's CarePage, then we can leave messages for you guys. We have an AMAZING CarePage family that supports us....the majority of them we've never met. Although Aunt Lynda and I are doing our best to meet each one that comes to H-town for treatment:-) We hope we'll get a chance to see you guys again. Brit will be back at Methodist for her first out-patient treatment in a couple of weeks.

    I read a few of your posts two are so cute!! We are praying for Brent's healing.
    Brit's Aunt Pammy<><

  3. Remember when Marco and I went to Cheesecake Factory with you and Brent? We should do that again sometime soon!

    You are constantly in our prayers. We think of you guys often.

  4. Thanks for all the updates. We're always thinking of you guys!

  5. Found your blog from Brittne Arcemonts Carepage. May God heal you from this monster Brent! My 4 yr old nephew is having a scan on Monday to determine if he has a malignant Glioma brain tumor. I am praying for all of you to Kick Cancer's Butt! Jenifer G (Atlanta)