Thursday, June 4, 2009

Since we’ve been gone….

A lot has happened since we posted last, so lets get everyone up to speed.

Round 4: February 20-24
Everything went well except he got a fever.... again. Had to go back into the hospital March 4th for a blood transfusion.

Check out Brent's nails.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
This year I got to go to the Cookoff with my friend Jessica Johnson.

I also went to see Clay Walker with her.

Laura came to town and we (including Brent!!) went to see Brad Paisley the night before his 5th round started.

Round 5: March 13-17
We’ve been so blessed to have Laura around so much lately. She kept us all entertained up at the hospital. Brent was assigned a double room but they didn’t put anyone else in there, so we had tons of room….and I got my own bed!!

New Friends

This is our new friend Brittne. Brittne is 20 years old, has Ewing’s Sarcoma and was in the hospital at the same time as Brent. Her doctors are Dr. Marco and Dr. Beinart also. Last November, Brittne had a very large tumor removed from her spine and had 3 vertebrae replaced. She will be finishing up the rest of her outpatient treatments in the middle of June or July. Her last scans showed NED (No Evidence of Disease). A BIG Congratulations goes out to her!!

We have another new friend. Chris is around the same age as Brent and was in the hospital most days that Brent was there. Chris is fighting through his 5th type of cancer. He’s a fighter and will get through this. He is finishing up the last of his treatments this month.

Please pray for our new friends as they continue on their journeys!!

Tea Party April 15
My mom and I were on a Tea Party committee! It was so much fun and really awesome to feel like you re a part of something. Aunt Pammy-How did we miss you?

My cousin is Miss Rodeo Austin and she spoke at the Tea Party. Isn’t she gorgeous?? Boys back off-she’s only 16. Courtney will be competing for Miss Rodeo Texas later this month.

Rockets Game
We went to the 5th game of the first round of the playoffs for the rockets. It was so much fun and the rockets won!! Too bad they couldn’t beat the Lakers! Maybe next year.

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  1. Looks like you guys have been BUSY! I hope you are both doing well! I miss you and keep you in my prayers always!

    Love ya! Morgan